Dec 15, 2018

Sky Lantern Products

Charming purple sky lantern Chinese Sky Lantern Chinese Sky Lantern Chinese Sky Lantern
Pure white
Charming purple
Fluorescent pink
Sun Yellow
red heart shape sky lantern wishing lantern Chinese Sky Lantern water lantern
Valentine gift sky lantern
Rose Red (Heart Shape)
Pure White (Heart Shape)
Pure White (cylindrical)
Water Wishing Lantern
Big Wedding Sky Lantern


Our Products

  • Sky Lantern and Style

    Fire Resistant Paper
    Sky Lantern Packaging
    Printed Design Sky Lanterns

  • Type of Sky Lantern

    White Sky Lanterns
    Football/Soccer Sky Lanterns
    Heart Shaped Sky Lanterns
  • Coloured Sky Lanterns

    MegaKube Lanterns
    Flag Sky Lanterns
    Fireworks for Lanterns



Fire Resistant Paper will ignite but self extinguishes, so that it chars. This property is imparted to the paper by impregnation with certain chemicals during the paper making process.

This process should never be done with chemical additives post-paper production, as coating quality and flame resistant properties are dramatically weakened in time.

Please note: Fire Resistant Paper is optional on all Sky Lanterns -our Sales agents will happily advise you.