Nov 17, 2018

Sky Lantern Q & A:

Q1: What is the material, how big, safe?
Ans: We sell the lanterns are made of flame-retardant improved handmade paper (not generally available in the market production of methanol and other toxic substances in the anti-burning paper), mixed solid fuels (outer layer of wax, the inner layer of cotton and other exclusive formula).

Light body material: a fire retardant paper lamp body size: 102cm high × 60cm (central diameter) × 36cm (base diameter)
Weight: 80 grams / only (contains 20 grams of a solid fuel weight)
Packing size: Length 36cm × W 36cm × 1cm thick
Accessories included: a lamp body, a solid fuel, the use of aronistic and apocryphal.

ising force in the absence of the block will automatically extinguish when the fuel is absolutely secure. Fuel block fuel for a long time, the flame of alcohol than the liquid or solid fuels more more light cast see more clearly at night! Outdoor Flying can easily reach 500 meters above the ground! The naked eye can see large lanterns floating time to 10-15 minutes.

Q2: What is the use of sky lantern in the past?
Ans: In the past, let lanterns used more as a blessing. Flying hand-written wishes in the wish of the former, also called light or sky lanterns wish. In many places people have been married and have children and so the New Year or updating custom flying time. Now updating in many different countries has been widely used in organized outings, parties, wedding, birthday, holiday, young people express their love for dating and advertising, etc., also can make a wish Wishing slowly becoming light.

Q3: Why it can fly?
Ans: The Sky Lantern is the predecessor of the modern hot air balloon, light inside the air heated by burning off expansion. But why the hot air will float? We used Archimedes to explain it: When the object and the air with the same volume, and weight (density) than the hours can be launched into the air, and water the buoyancy of this truth is the same. Heating the air within the ball, the ball part of the air inside the thermal expansion due to air flow from the ball, so that the internal air density, smaller than the outside air, so full of hot air the ball will fly.